Jack Brown
Thank you very much i really appreciate your photos they are very lovely and inspiring photo i wish i could be like that pro like you.
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Melissa House
Hi Jane! My husband and I were in Savannah this past October and I fell so in love with it! I have been looking everywhere for art that reminded me of our amazing time. I could not find anything worth buying. My mom came across your website while helping me search and it literally made my week! I just ordered 3 photos and it's going to be like Christmas when I get them. Your artwork is beyond beautiful!
Beth Foor, Dillsburg (Harrisburg) PA(non-registered)
Hi Jane, my family and I were in Savannah about two weeks ago and I bought four of your pictures while at the market on River Street. I just love your black and white photography. Bought frames for them when I returned home and now I am trying to figure out where in my house to hang them. Look forward to purchasing more in the future. Savannah is one of the loveliest cities in the U.S.
Patricia J. Fiedler(non-registered)
Hi Jane,

I purchased two photos last week while visiting Savannah with my family for the first time! BEAUTIFUL WORK and I will be purchasing more...I just loved the Architecture, Iron, and Fountains and the Celtic Cross.

Lisa Potter......Clinton, MS(non-registered)
Met you down on River Street on Wednesday, March 13th. Enjoyed chatting with you and looking at your beautiful photography. Bought 6 pictures and plan to buy more. Incredible beauty of Savannah! Can't wait to move there next year.
Richard Kirschner(non-registered)
Jane: You are amazing. Your black and white prints are full of color. What's your secret? Keep up the great work.
Latrice and James Myers of L&M Photography(non-registered)
Hi Jane, James and I sat down and viewed your website and we both were in awww of all the beautiful prints.Looking forward to purchasing our first print from you.From one photographer to another wishing you nothing but great blessings,see you soon.
Don and Eileen Nahser(non-registered)
Our mutual friend, Elsie, gave us a lighthouse print for Christmas and we are thrilled to look at it. We visit as many lighthouses as we can find, and this is one of our favorites. Really nice work.
Dawn Malone Goldys(non-registered)
You are incredible! These are so breathtaking. Love this website!
Ben & Monica(non-registered)
Incredible pictures! Specially after visiting such a lovely city like Savannah. They look great in our home!

Hope to visit again sometime soon...
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